Kakai Bautista Defends Maja Salvador from Her Bashers

Maja Salvador has been receiving a lot of criticism after making her relationship with Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin actor Gerald Anderson official. Kakai Bautista, a popular comedian and a very close friend of the said actress boldly defended Maja against the bashers.

Kind Hearted and Generous

Kakai said that Maja is one of the nicest people that she has ever met. She doesn’t have a single spite in her body regardless of the continuous judgmental blows that she receives from the public, particularly from the loyal fans of Kim Chiu. She never fights back and she never stoops down to their level. Kakai Bautista finds this notion very mature and she fondly admits that she would fight these bashers back if they didn’t back off soon.

A Quick History

Everything started with a love triangle between Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, and Maja Salvador. Kim and Gerald were in a relationship while Maja was Kim Chiu’s best friend. The couple suddenly broke up and Kim also declared that she and Maja are no longer friends. Many rumors has came out that Gerald is now with Maja, which only became official recently. The controversial relationship opened a dam full of angry fans, making Maja the culprit of breaking up the well-loved public relationship of Gerald and Kim.

Strong and Positive

Kakai reveals that during those dark times, she never seen Maja shed a single tear. She knows that the actress was having a very difficult time in her life but she didn’t show it to others. Instead, she makes sure that her mother and her friends are okay. She even told them to not get affected. She has this extraordinary sunny disposition that can’t be broken and Kakai finds this admirable.

That’s her biggest strong, the comedian stated, to act maturely and treat other people with love and to have a positive outlook in life.


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