Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago Recommended Chiz Escudero to Heart Evangelista

Being one of the Philippine Senators has a lot of duties and responsibilities to accomplish, but there are still some who has their time to go out and date with some celebrities that they know, well, at least it applies with Senator Chiz Escudero.

Heart Evangelista, one of the most popular actress and host in the country and the current girlfriend of Senator Escudero, recently revealed that the one who introduced and became the “bridge” to set up the two is actually Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who is also the mentor and friend of the actress. The Senator is known to be one of the biggest names in the political government of the Philippines.

As stated by the actress, “Binigyan niya ako ng mahabang listahan ng boys. Si Chiz ‘yung una sa list, hindi na ako umabot sa number two (She gave me a long list of the boys that I should date, and Chiz was the first one on that list, I didn’t even get the chance to check out the number two)”

“Senator Miriam didn’t want me to settle down and have a boyfriend. She wanted me to date lang. (only) She would tell me, ‘You know… you should treat men like furniture. Just replace them.’ Of course she would say it jokingly,” the actress added.
Heart Evangelista admitted that at first she don’t have any plans of having a romantic relationship with Senator Chiz Escudero, because she only thought that she had found a good friend.

“I really thought na friendship lang ang meron kami. (I really thought that there is only friendship between us) I thought I found a friend. He wasn’t really showing any hints. I’ve been seeing him almost every day,” she continued. Heart is actually 15 years younger than Senator Escudero yet the actress didn’t mind the age gap at all.

After Heart’s relationship with Model/Actor Brazilian-Japanese, Daniel Matsunaga, it seemed like the actress doesn’t want to face another heartbreak. “I was also very attracted to him, but it got to a point in my life that I wasn’t ready for anything. I was enjoying being single, going out with some friends,” the kapuso actress revealed. Yet, it looks like Heart Evangelista and Sen. Chiz Escudero are getting really “serious” this time around and was even rumored that the two secretly got married after the actress posted a pic on her Instagram account.

by: m.valdez

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