Kris Aquino & Herbert Bautista: Last Chance Romance

Last April 05, Monday Kris Aquino broke her silence over rumors and allegations of a brewing romance and finally admitted in confirmation on the show Aquino & Abunda of ABS-CBN that she and Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City was officially dating.

It seems the two are on to gamble for that last chance romance that are so elusive for the both of them. It was through none other than President Noynoy Aquino that Mayor Herbert channelled his request and asked permission to date his sister, Kris.

Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista

“We are a work in progress,” Kris said. The two termed mayor of Quezon City will be turning 46 this coming May. On Kris Aquino’s Instagram account, the “Queen of All Media” posted a photo which she captioned as “Finally, dinner,” along with three heart emoticons which was later on deleted and replaced with photos of Kris with sons Bimby and Josh with brother Pres. Noynoy. Kris was also rummored linking her to actor Derek Ramsay after they bonded over a coffee-out date.

In her Instagram account she thanked and valued Derek’s friendship. In the photo, Mayor Herbert Bautista occupied the seat at the end most part of the dinner table called the kabisera usually given for special and high esteemed visitors while oddly Pres. Noynoy sat beside with Kris on the side edge chairs of the dinner table.

Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista

Assessing the Aquino’s way of welcoming Mayor Herbert, some people speculated, the Aquino family expressed high regards for Mayor Herbert Bautista thus he occupied that special seat in the family dinner table. Last April 07, on Kris’ morning show, the Queen of All Media described Mayor Herbert as ‘someone special’ and even called him in his usual showbiz moniker “Bistek.”

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TV Presenter & Model Peaches Geldof Dies at Age 25

Peaches Geldof, daughter of Band Aid charity organizer and writer presenter, Paula Yates died of still unknown cause following a report about a 25-year old woman was pronounced dead by South East Coast Ambulance Service in Kent, England.

Peaches was a budding writer and contributor of The Telegraph and The Guardian. She was also a fast rising model for Tesco’s F&F fashion house in London and had a career at ITV 2’s OMG!. A mother of two young infant boys Astala and Phaedra, Peaches was the wife of SCUM lead singer Thomas Cohen. Peaches also left behind three sisters namely, Trixiebelle, Prixie and Tiger Lily.

Peaches Geldof

Her father was devastated for the tragic losses of two women in her life, Paula his wife and now his daughter, Peaches. His wife Paula Yates died in September 2000 due to heroin overdose at age 41 when Peaches was just then 16. Her death made a series of social media posts from followers posting condolences and bereavement post from personalities like Joe McElderry, Lily Allen, Danny Jones from McFly, Myleene Klass, Chloe Green, Sam Smith, model-friend Daisy Lowe and DJ Ferne Cotton of Radio One who was equally devastated upon learning about the news.

Peaches Geldof

Peaches’ father, Bob commented and said he was fractured so often, but never broken despite his grief over the death of Peaches Geldof and her mother Paula Yates. Both were tragic losses and heart breaking indeed for Bob. It seems Peaches was also not yet over her mom’s death and was still remembering her mom based on her last Instagram photo with herself together with her mom with the photo captioned as ‘me and my mum.’ The internet was likewise flooded with video clips and photos of Peaches in happy memories.


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Mr. Pure Energy’s 30 Energetic Showbiz Years

When you see him on stage performing – singing and dancing, it is just but natural that you will also sing along or dance along to his electrifying moves. You will be moved by his voice and how he rendered his songs. You will feel that pump as he dance his way in the most dynamic moves, electrifying, energetic, exuberant only Gary Valenciano – Mr. Pure Energy can do.

Gary Valenciano was an epitome of a total performer. And Philippine showbiz was very fortunate to have such a multi-faceted and talented personality. Gary Valenciano’s singing career started as one of the choir member of the Kundirana Music Ministry of La Salle Greenhills when he was just barely 14 years old. He entered Philippine showbiz endorsing a local soda brand in 1983. Since then, Gary’s energetic singing took him to be featured in several variety show such as The Pilita and Jackie Show, Germspesyal and later on Penthouse Live.

Gary Valenciano

A consistent chartbuster in Philippine music scene, Gary Valenciano easily drew concert crowds as early as his first solo concert in 1984. He was awarded with multiple platinum awards on several album releases under his name including the original theme song of the youth oriented movie ‘Bagets’ shown in 1983. Gary V’s Top 10 Iconic Hit Songs include the following:

• Growing Up (Bagets 1983 theme song)
• Reaching Out
• Paano
• Di Bale Na Lang
• Di Na Natuto
• Natutulog Ba AngDiyos?
• Shout For Joy
• Pasko Na SintaKo
• I Will Be Here (cover from original song by Steven Curtis)
• The Warrior is A Child

Gary Valenciano and Gab

It has been already 30 years since the Philippines first had that glimpse of this man whose passion, talent and dedication to his craft in singing and dancing has earned him true to his title as the Philippine’s Mr Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

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‘Dyesebel’ Star, Anne Curtis Stung by Jellyfish!

Last Wednesday, April 02, 2014, Dyesebel Star, Anne Curtis was stung by a box jellyfish during the shoot of the ABS-CBN’s primetime series ‘Dyesebel’. The actress was immediately rushed to an undisclosed hospital in San Juan and Lipa Batangas after experiencing stinging pain and irritation. Anne was later transferred to St Luke’s Hospital in Bonifacio Global City afterwards.

On her Instagram account, Anne Curtis expressed how painful and irritating the experience was and warn on swimming in the ocean by keeping watch over stingers like jellyfish. Anne also noted and thanked it was not a fatal stung. Many have expressed Anne well wishes and thank everyone for their concern.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis is now recovering after the ordeal. The stung caused some map-like rashes all over Anne Curtis’ body. It was the first time Anne experienced being stung by a jellyfish. Anne’s ordeal was witnessed by her leading man in the series, Gerald Anderson who was interviewed and expressed great concern over Anne’s condition.

It seems Anne Curtis haven bumping on and off by mishaps ever since that controversial slapping incident last November in a posh night bar over at Taguig City. She was also been recently reported to have some kind of disagreement over her sister Jasmine Curtis’ rumored boyfriend Sam Concepcion. Anne may need to keep herself low profiled in order to avoid bad luck hanging on with her.

Anne Curtis

Dreamscape Exec. Eric John Salut was equally worried though Anne tries to take up more scenes for the taping of the fantasy series while the crew watch and saw her in agonizing pain. Anne Curtis thought not to make delays because of the accident that happened to her. But since her condition and safety was prime and vital, all has to let Anne go for immediate medical treatment.


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Lance Raymundo Shows Off His Wrecked Face in Public

After a week from that freaky accident in the gym and after the doctors performed reconstructive surgery to salvage and repair what that 80-pound barbell did on his face. Lance Raymundo showed his wrecked face in public. The tragic accident left Lance more embraced his faith with God. The doctors needed to plant a titanium plate in his face to replace the crushed part of his face and a super foil net to hold and serve as his left eye socket.

Lucky to be alive, Lance has so much things to thank God for sparing his life and what was left of him after the accident. Lance’s mother, Nina Zaldua-Raymundo compensate to the fate of his son Lance since she too was a firm believer of God having undergone a coronary bypass some 14 years ago. On his part, Lance Raymundo was a regular attendee serving missions for the Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Novaliches, Quezon City. Lance is now undergoing recovery and healing from surgery but will undergo another surgery in three weeks to complete the reconstructive facial surgery.

Lance Raymundo

It was reported that the gym attendant that was allegedly involved in the mishap got fired but the kind hearted Lance was making efforts through his dad to talk to the owner of the gym not to fire the poor guy and defending on the ground that ‘nobody wanted that accident to happen.’ In the end he stresses that when on working out with gym facilities and equipment, one must gain focus on the routine as well as safety precautions to avoid accidents like that one that happened to him.

In a separate statement to ABS-CBN, Lance Raymundo told that he feels a lot better after the initial surgery. And further advice that headphones are sometimes a risky disadvantage while working out in the gym.

Lance Raymundo

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April Fools Odd Death Pranks on Celebrities

Once in a while on April fool’s Day we read articles and news about the death of a celebrity and the next day headline you’ll find photographs of them alive and dining in some fancy restaurant or having interviews with some networks. The recent fancy pranks happened to Britney Spears, Russell Crowe and BonJovi.

April fools day

Russell Crowe was rummored to have died from a falloff in a mountain cliff in Austria on a red rover. Thank heavens, Russell had just tweeted. The news gone viral on social media networks with a Facebook page garnering nearly one million likes for curious followers of the actor. The same kind of prank also happened to Britney Spears and even detailed a believable account of her demise.

Britney Spears

Russell Crow

And finally there’s the case of the famous rock idol Bon Jovi’s death as being found in a coma in a New Jersey hotel but later Bon Jovi tweeted in his Facebook account about the unsuccessful prank and him still alive in a photograph to prove his mortal self can still be photographed.

Creating hoax death news to a number of celebrities can be done in an instant especially on networking sites to gain likes and cashing out on site advertisements. Easy gossip and rumors that can instantly become viral and being followed not just by the handful but millions especially for famous celebrities.


Even Michael Jackson before his real death has been the victim of such pranks until finally the prank becomes real news. Some more celebrities who were made dead but such mongrels on social media networks even if it’s no April fool’s joke were Madonna, Morgan Freeman and even the President of the United States – Barrack Obama all have suffered the same death pranks on April fool’s Day.


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Rainbow Shines Anew Between Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador

It’s been quite a while since both Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador were seen together in a friendly chat. Last March 30, the two Kapamilya stars mingled with each other like the old times on Dreamscape’s Thanksgiving Party in a high end bar in Taguig City. The official reunion was made known by ace entertainment host-writer Ogie Diaz in his official Twitter account last March 31. Dreamscape Executive Eric John Salut sighed with delight upon learning the news and thanked the Lord for the reconciliation.

Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador

The Kim Chiu-Maja Salvador rift rooted out because of Gerald Anderson who happen to be Kim’s ex-boyfriend but was now currently romantically linked with Maja Salvador. It seems the former was not yet really ready to give up her feelings from the past as she was still hurting when Gerald finally courted Maja and became a new couple.

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

It was also became a hot issue when Gerald Anderson after his split with Kim Chiu, was linked to pop star Sarah Geronimo whom the pop star’s parents highly rejected. Making Gerald turn to Maja’s attention. The whirl wind love roulette made the three young stars of ABS-CBN in steamy hot gossip of Philippine showbiz.

Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson

With this new development between Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador, will Sarah Geronimo join the other two young ladies in a threesome reconciliation? Or will this be a new alliance against each and another? Will the roulette spin again to another twist? Ahhhh, young love, young minds, young hearts, so mind boggling! Who will be next and will Gerald Anderson stop and finally speak out his mind once and for all?…

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Mary Jean Lastimosa Was Finally Crowned

After trying out the third time, the 25 year old Mary Jean Lastimosa from North Cotabato Mary Jean Lastimosa was finally crowned as Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2014.

An entrepreneur, Mary Jean was a linguist who knows how to speak three different languages, Portuguese, English and Filipino. And although she initially was not a crowd favorite, Mary Jean certainly have bested the others and emerge as this year’s top crown who will represent the Philippines in the forthcoming Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

Mary Jean Lastimosa

The panel of judges were reigning Miss Universe titleholder Gabriela Isler, ABS-CBN Channel 2chief executive Cory Vidanes with veteran news anchor Korina Sanchez, collegiate basketball player Jeron Teng and Senator Juan Edgardo Angara, among others.

Mary Jean Lastimosa was a repeater in the Binibining Pilipinas having entered as contestant in the years 2011 and 2012. In the year 2011, Mary Jean lost to Shamcey Supsup. In 2012 she was just named among the 12 finalist and the crown was worn by Janine Marie Togonon. The pressure for the Miss Universe title was put on the shoulder of Mary Jean since last 2013 was almost won by Ariella Arida as she took home the 3rd Runner Up crown.

Mary Jean Lastimosa

And to top it all, 2013 was the feat of winning crowns for the Philippines since, honors were brought by Megan Young when she was crowned Miss World 2013 as Miss International 2013 goes to another Filipina Bea Rose Santiago. Can Mary Jean Lastimosa be the next Miss Universe? A very tough job ahead for her. But the Mindanao lass has that passion: Try and try until you’ve succeeded. The entire nation awaits anew and wishing her all the luck in winning the Miss Universe crown.

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Miriam Quiambao: This is really It!

38-year old beauty queen Miriam Quiambao marries for the second time. This time, she marries author-entrepreneur Ardy Roberto, Jr. Miriam was formerly married with Italian businessman Claudio Rondinelli in a sunset wedding in Boracay last 2004. But the marriage did not work out due to a 3rd part relationship by her Italian spouse making Miriam seek justice through the annulment last 2010.

Miriam Quiambao and Claudio Rondinelli

Many thought her marriage was made in heaven but she felt so neglected and cheated like a fish pawned off an aquarium. Miriam Quiambao admitted she almost kill herself during the anguish of their torn relationship. But her faith with the Lord saved her from the ordeal. Until she find a soul mate in the person of Ardy Roberto who founded the Salt and Light Ventures organizing and promoting learning events.

Miriam grew fond of the person. Ardy was a motivational speaker and leader who writes a weekly column in Philippine Daily Inquirer and was a graduate of Ateneo De Manila, Asian Institute of Management and Stanford University. Ardy was a widower whose wife died last year. Ardy and Miriam got engaged last October 6, 2013.

Miriam Quiambao and Ardy Roberto

Miriam Quiambao was graciously radiant wearing a fully embroidered drop waist silhouette gown made by Francis Libiran. The wedding took place at Villa Sommet in Tagaytay last March 25, 2014 officiated by Pastor Jonathan Camcam of the Victory Christian Fellowship.

Ardy Roberto and his beloved Wife

Principal sponsors include Gary Valenciano and wife Angeli, Coney Reyes, Alex Tinsay and wife Judy, Kata Inocencio, Peter and Christine Kairuz. Also present to witness the event are couple Anthony Pangilinan and MaricelLaxa with their daughter Solana as flower girl and Ardy’s six-year old son as ring bearer. The newly wed plan to spend their honeymoon in the Holy Land.

Miriam Quiambao and Ardy Roberto

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Ara Mina Admitted She Had a Miscarriage

Actress Ara Mina has been keeping everything low profile on her love affairs until now she admitted she had a miscarriage last December 23, 2013. It was a well-kept secret revealed by Darla Sauler of Push Entertainment.

In an interview report written by Darla for Push she revealed how Ara Mina gone through her ordeal. Ara’s soon to be husband, Mayor Patrick Meneses though saddened by the loss of their soon to be child understood that for Ara’s health sake. He has to let go and move on from both their experience and looks forward in tying the knot soon. Ara kid on the experience by telling Darla that maybe it is a way that Mayor Meneses might just be reassuring that both of them are capable of having a child.

Ara Mina and Mayor Patrick Meneses

Her pregnancy was known to the couple since last year, but the turns of events seem to take toll on Ara’s condition. They had a vacation in the US and soon as she returned in Manila she needed to continue her commitments and shoot on an MMK episode last year. Ara Mina was scheduled to have a D& C after the miscarriage last Dec. 23 but a sad family event took place last Dec, 25 when her dear grandfather died thus the secret remained within them.

Cristine Reyes

A surprise she planned to tell once the right time came. It was almost revealed by her sister, Cristine Reyes during their interview then with “Buzz ng Bayan” after their reconciliation but Ara Mina prevented her sister about the revelation. Even the scheduled D&C procedure was only done last Feb. 18, 2014 several months after her miscarriage. She also needed to confirm with Mayor Meneses about the confirmation of the news of her miscarriage so that he knows everything about it before leaking and formal announcement to the media. Mayor Patrick Meneses was the ex-boyfriend of Aiko Melendez before their rift and court battles in the year 2011.

Aiko Melendez and Mayor Patrick Meneses

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