Rachel Alejandro Feeling Youthful Despite Getting Older

To Rachel Alejandro adding a number in her age last February 18 doesn’t feel she’s gone older at all. She still have that youthful zest in her blood. Rachel reveals some of her ways why she do not consider after turning 40 and ageing not something to worry about.

Age to Rachel is just a number thing and nothing significant other than just remembering that number in the calendar. She would rather be feel like Peter Pan and be like a kid forever. Always enjoying what’s fun and forgetting the ticking and tracking time.

She loved herself most and was generous to herself. Shooing away from body abuses was her priority. She admit that she used to be like partying all night, sleep few get up and hit the gym. Now she’s not all of those any more and more geared to comfort not punish her body. Being kind more to herself. Instead of spending on expensive designer apparels, she rather spend much on choosing a comfort zone to benefit much her body than flashing out on designer accessories.

rachel alejandro

Rachel Alejandro pamper herself by going more on salons and treat herself. Avoiding routines and monotony to her belief gets you to rut engaging and indulging on varieties of things to do will keep your mind occupied and alert defying your mind free from anxieties and stress. And if there’s one routine that perks up more of Rachel it will be her regular exercise routines. Shaping up and toning those muscles are really nice in every bit of benefits it does to the body.

And finally, laughing it out and smiling everything about will definitely kill all those antics and revive your mood and feelings. Rachel Alejandro enjoys every bit of herself now doing what she loved best, singing, acting and enterprising partner in a health food delivery company, The Sexy Chef OBC 5Star, Inc. She also do writing on the food niche an added passion.

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Doting Papa Piolo: The Other Side of Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual’s refreshing face on the wide screen makes movie and TV fans shout in delight seeing the matinee idol that they’ve been following in movies then and now. His achievement as an actor cannot just be said to qualify as mediocre but Piolo’s acting craft was no way a mediocre.

With best acting awards on full length and indie films, Piolo Pascual is one of the Philippine’s contemporary prime actor of his era. His indelible markings on movies like Milan, the Kimy Dora series, TV series like Lobo, which gained international accolades in Banff and International Emmy Awards. Piolo is one very important actor of the Philippines.

But Piolo’s not only an actor, he was a very fine singer and has several cover hit songs like several Jim Brickman’s originals, duets with Toni Gonzaga and other OPM artists. Piolo Pascual is indeed a total entertainment package royalty.

Piolo Pascual

But besides being a total entertainer, Piolo has another unique role he loves playing. He is a very doting father to his only son Iñigo who is fast turning to be a 17-year old happy teener who lives with his mom in California.

Iñigo is one big reason why he has no qualms about retirement from showbiz once he’s done with his showbiz career.But Piolo Pascual was torn between the clamor of his fans and his duty as the loving father to Iñigo. And although he is totally free to come and visit his son anytime he wanted. California is simply not just a simple ride of a car away.

Piolo Pascual and  Iñigo

Piolo stresses his gratitude to Iñigo’s biological mother who raised him to be what he perceive as a happy and fine teenager who lives a healthy adolescent life despite him being here in the Philippines and far away from his side. Because of Iñigo’s mom, Piolo Pascual was constantly being updated with his activities making him feel as if he was still a hands on dad.

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A Fitting Tribute to Paul Walker from MTV Movies

It has been several months since the Fast and Furious icon Paul Walker died from a fatal car crash. MTV for Movies now recognize the outstanding contribution of an actor who was at the peak of his career when his passion for the sport he love and was the subject of his outstanding acting performance was his fateful death last November 2013. And now his acts were remembered and gained him a posthumous award.

Paul Walker

And the one who reflected on his craft during the ceremony was none other than his friend and co-star in the movie Fast and Furious, Jordana Brewster. Jordana in remembering Walker said that Paul never asked to be recognized and that he was just real good guy. “Every day was an adventure to be tackled,” Brewster added. Paul Walker won the award ‘Best on Screen Duo Award’ along with co-star Vin Diesel on their outstanding performance in the movie ‘Fast and Furious 6’ which was released and viewed by moviegoers months before his death on that fatal car crash in Valencia, Sta. Clarita, California.

Paul Walker car crash

Paul Walker was half way filming the sequel, Fast and Furious 7 when the accident happened. He died along with his friend financier and co-driver Roger Rodas. Rodas was driving his red Porsche Carrera GT with Walker as his passenger when the car hit a concrete light post and burst into flames. Both sustained multiple traumatic and thermal injuries. The event was filled with emotional theme montages of his greatest moments on and off the camera that made fans and viewers come to tears.

On his part, Vin Diesel could just spoke about how good a person was Walker and sighed that the world have seen his philanthropic deeds moments before his death.

Watch the trailer of the tribute HERE.

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Mommy Dionisia Seized Manny Pacquiao’s winning moment

As everyone rejoiced anew for the victory of Philippine’s iconic boxer Manny Pacquiao, a rejoicing mother shares the limelight with her son. Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao was an equally hot news on all news and TV coverage all across the globe.

Popular and more stronger than the punches given by Manny Pacquiao to Timothy Bradley, Mommy Dionisia’s video taken during the last boxing fight of son Manny gone viral and were the topic on news and discussions all over the net and into news on TV and periodicals. Mommy Dionisia’s hexes as if under some kind of voodoo trance was covered largely than the main event itself. And the instance was the viral subject on all social media networks.

Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao

Manny’s supermom has gone her way just to show her support for her much beloved son, Manny. The MGM arena was filled to the brim with people who have come to watch Manny Pacquiao fight Timothy Bradley’ re-match fight. But people was entertained with a huge extra when Mommy Dionisia shows off her usual antics of cheering and praying over her son’s winning moment.

Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley

Mommy Dionisia appeared to be hexing Timothy Bradley holding up her powerful prayer paraphernalia as she hug the boxer who lost the fight over Manny Pacquiao. Some thought the hug was a way to remove the spell cast upon him by Mommy D. Others made a laughing out caption stuff as:

• “Kiss me, but don’t you dare fall in love with me.”
• Dionisia while hugging Bradley whispered, “Hail Hydra.”
• “Pac you” in a YouTube video.

mommy dionisia pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao may have won the fight over Timothy Bradley. But his mother, Mommy Dionisia does not only shared the limelight with her son, she have seized her son’s winning moment and become an instant news personality globally.


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DOJ Dismissed Deniece Cornejo’s rape case against Vhong Navarro

The Department of Justice has officially dropped off the rape case filed by Deniece Cornejo against actor, singer and host comedian Vhong Navarro. The DOJ find no feasible and tangible comprehensible evidences on Deniece Cornejo’s claim that she was raped by the actor.

Deniece Cornejo also did not agree on the standard operating procedure for a hospital and medical check up to prove the veracity of her claim nor there scratches or visible superficial body markings evidencing her claim. The DOJ panel found no feasible cause to indict Vhong Navarro.

vhong navarro

The verdict was embodied in a 42-page resolution dated April 04, 2014 and was read and covered by ABS-CBN news. It was viewed live by Vhong and his It’s Showtime co-hosts and audience who gathered around Vhong and alternately hugged him as they watch the news on the show’s widescreen monitor in the studio where they are holding live the noontime program It’s Showtime. The audience cheered with delight soon as the live news feed ended. And the teary-eyed Vhong found consolation in his co-hosts’ embraces.

Watch how Vhong Navarro reacted as he watch the live news feed during its Showtime HERE.

Atty. Howard Calleja, Deniece Cornejo’s legal counsel refused to comment by telling reporters they have not yet received and read their copy of the resolution and invoke their right for legal remedies for his client Deniece Cornejo.

Deniece Cornejo

On his part, Vhong Navarro initially thanked God and specially the public who prayed for him as well as those people who have given him strength and moral support on and off the camera. With tears of joy in his eyes, he continued to host the show along with his co hosts and the TV staff.

With Cornejo’s case dismissed, Vhong has yet to face the other two counts of separate rape cases filed by Roxanne Cabañero and Margarita Fajardo.


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Ryzza Mae Dizon Realized Her Dream Courtesy of a Dabarkads Santa Claus

Last April 08 2014, Wednesday, during the 1st anniversary celebration of GMA-7′s The Ryzza Mae Show, the child wonder got her dream realized when bossing Vic Sotto gave her that long time wish she wanted for in her life.

In a video presentation during the child wonder’s anniversary show, ‘The Ryzza Mae Show,’ Eat Bulaga executive and host Vic Sotto announced that he is giving Ryzza Mae Dizon a gift. Wrapped in a present, the key with a pink chain was given to Ryzza. Tears of joy flowed down the cheeks of the young EB protégé. She expressed that what she initially wished in winning Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines was now more than enough than she had expected to be.

Ryzza Mae Dizon

Assisted by the rest of the Dabarkads, Ryzza Mae Dizon opened the box containing her surprised gift. Present were, Sen. Tito Sotto, Ruby Rodriguez, Allan K., Jimmy Santos, Pauleen Luna and the rest of the Eat Bulaga gang. As Ryzza cries out because of disbelief, her mother Ma’ann came to console her.

Watch Ryzza’s moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTPbnLN-veU.

At age 8, Ryzza Mae Dizon’s achieves things no ordinary 8-year old have achieved. An acting and hosting career, her very own TV show, her acting awards, a car and now a house and lot all because of her hard work. Ryzza Mae Dizon was barely two years old in Philippine showbiz yet she has achieved better not only those among her age but even for those new comers in showbiz who are still trying to inch their niche in the glitters of show business.

As per Vic Sotto, there were just some finishing details needed to do in the new house and lot and she can show off to her loyal fans and televiewers her new house and lot.

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Kris Aquino & Herbert Bautista: Last Chance Romance

Last April 05, Monday Kris Aquino broke her silence over rumors and allegations of a brewing romance and finally admitted in confirmation on the show Aquino & Abunda of ABS-CBN that she and Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City was officially dating.

It seems the two are on to gamble for that last chance romance that are so elusive for the both of them. It was through none other than President Noynoy Aquino that Mayor Herbert channelled his request and asked permission to date his sister, Kris.

Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista

“We are a work in progress,” Kris said. The two termed mayor of Quezon City will be turning 46 this coming May. On Kris Aquino’s Instagram account, the “Queen of All Media” posted a photo which she captioned as “Finally, dinner,” along with three heart emoticons which was later on deleted and replaced with photos of Kris with sons Bimby and Josh with brother Pres. Noynoy. Kris was also rummored linking her to actor Derek Ramsay after they bonded over a coffee-out date.

In her Instagram account she thanked and valued Derek’s friendship. In the photo, Mayor Herbert Bautista occupied the seat at the end most part of the dinner table called the kabisera usually given for special and high esteemed visitors while oddly Pres. Noynoy sat beside with Kris on the side edge chairs of the dinner table.

Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista

Assessing the Aquino’s way of welcoming Mayor Herbert, some people speculated, the Aquino family expressed high regards for Mayor Herbert Bautista thus he occupied that special seat in the family dinner table. Last April 07, on Kris’ morning show, the Queen of All Media described Mayor Herbert as ‘someone special’ and even called him in his usual showbiz moniker “Bistek.”

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TV Presenter & Model Peaches Geldof Dies at Age 25

Peaches Geldof, daughter of Band Aid charity organizer and writer presenter, Paula Yates died of still unknown cause following a report about a 25-year old woman was pronounced dead by South East Coast Ambulance Service in Kent, England.

Peaches was a budding writer and contributor of The Telegraph and The Guardian. She was also a fast rising model for Tesco’s F&F fashion house in London and had a career at ITV 2’s OMG!. A mother of two young infant boys Astala and Phaedra, Peaches was the wife of SCUM lead singer Thomas Cohen. Peaches also left behind three sisters namely, Trixiebelle, Prixie and Tiger Lily.

Peaches Geldof

Her father was devastated for the tragic losses of two women in her life, Paula his wife and now his daughter, Peaches. His wife Paula Yates died in September 2000 due to heroin overdose at age 41 when Peaches was just then 16. Her death made a series of social media posts from followers posting condolences and bereavement post from personalities like Joe McElderry, Lily Allen, Danny Jones from McFly, Myleene Klass, Chloe Green, Sam Smith, model-friend Daisy Lowe and DJ Ferne Cotton of Radio One who was equally devastated upon learning about the news.

Peaches Geldof

Peaches’ father, Bob commented and said he was fractured so often, but never broken despite his grief over the death of Peaches Geldof and her mother Paula Yates. Both were tragic losses and heart breaking indeed for Bob. It seems Peaches was also not yet over her mom’s death and was still remembering her mom based on her last Instagram photo with herself together with her mom with the photo captioned as ‘me and my mum.’ The internet was likewise flooded with video clips and photos of Peaches in happy memories.


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Mr. Pure Energy’s 30 Energetic Showbiz Years

When you see him on stage performing – singing and dancing, it is just but natural that you will also sing along or dance along to his electrifying moves. You will be moved by his voice and how he rendered his songs. You will feel that pump as he dance his way in the most dynamic moves, electrifying, energetic, exuberant only Gary Valenciano – Mr. Pure Energy can do.

Gary Valenciano was an epitome of a total performer. And Philippine showbiz was very fortunate to have such a multi-faceted and talented personality. Gary Valenciano’s singing career started as one of the choir member of the Kundirana Music Ministry of La Salle Greenhills when he was just barely 14 years old. He entered Philippine showbiz endorsing a local soda brand in 1983. Since then, Gary’s energetic singing took him to be featured in several variety show such as The Pilita and Jackie Show, Germspesyal and later on Penthouse Live.

Gary Valenciano

A consistent chartbuster in Philippine music scene, Gary Valenciano easily drew concert crowds as early as his first solo concert in 1984. He was awarded with multiple platinum awards on several album releases under his name including the original theme song of the youth oriented movie ‘Bagets’ shown in 1983. Gary V’s Top 10 Iconic Hit Songs include the following:

• Growing Up (Bagets 1983 theme song)
• Reaching Out
• Paano
• Di Bale Na Lang
• Di Na Natuto
• Natutulog Ba AngDiyos?
• Shout For Joy
• Pasko Na SintaKo
• I Will Be Here (cover from original song by Steven Curtis)
• The Warrior is A Child

Gary Valenciano and Gab

It has been already 30 years since the Philippines first had that glimpse of this man whose passion, talent and dedication to his craft in singing and dancing has earned him true to his title as the Philippine’s Mr Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

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‘Dyesebel’ Star, Anne Curtis Stung by Jellyfish!

Last Wednesday, April 02, 2014, Dyesebel Star, Anne Curtis was stung by a box jellyfish during the shoot of the ABS-CBN’s primetime series ‘Dyesebel’. The actress was immediately rushed to an undisclosed hospital in San Juan and Lipa Batangas after experiencing stinging pain and irritation. Anne was later transferred to St Luke’s Hospital in Bonifacio Global City afterwards.

On her Instagram account, Anne Curtis expressed how painful and irritating the experience was and warn on swimming in the ocean by keeping watch over stingers like jellyfish. Anne also noted and thanked it was not a fatal stung. Many have expressed Anne well wishes and thank everyone for their concern.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis is now recovering after the ordeal. The stung caused some map-like rashes all over Anne Curtis’ body. It was the first time Anne experienced being stung by a jellyfish. Anne’s ordeal was witnessed by her leading man in the series, Gerald Anderson who was interviewed and expressed great concern over Anne’s condition.

It seems Anne Curtis haven bumping on and off by mishaps ever since that controversial slapping incident last November in a posh night bar over at Taguig City. She was also been recently reported to have some kind of disagreement over her sister Jasmine Curtis’ rumored boyfriend Sam Concepcion. Anne may need to keep herself low profiled in order to avoid bad luck hanging on with her.

Anne Curtis

Dreamscape Exec. Eric John Salut was equally worried though Anne tries to take up more scenes for the taping of the fantasy series while the crew watch and saw her in agonizing pain. Anne Curtis thought not to make delays because of the accident that happened to her. But since her condition and safety was prime and vital, all has to let Anne go for immediate medical treatment.


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