Ai-Ai Delas Alas Feels Like a Virgin

Ai-Ai Delas Alas was not only singing Madonna’s song ‘Like A Virgin’ because she literally does feel like a virgin. She was never embarrassed to admit publicly that she underwent ‘pussykip,’ it was the colloquial term for the medical procedure called vaginal tightening. The procedure was in line with Ai-Ai being an endorser of Belo Medical Group’s new Femilift service. At 49, Ai-Ai has already three almost grown children, two from singer Miguel Vera and another from a previous relationship.

She said she agreed to undergo the procedure with Belo’s medical staff mainly to inspire the modern Filipino women and avoid potential marital conflicts and gain more confidence level. She wanted women to deal with their real life problems and find possible solutions to save marriages and relationships.

Ai Ai Delas Alas

Ai-Ai think that most woman after deliveries of several babies have been the cause of unsatisfactory sexual life. Thinking that most men started to seek other women who are fresh and ‘tight’ sexually. Ai-Ai Delas Alas address her statement more on women who have undergone normal birthing rather than those who did caesarean birthing. Ai-Ai was confident she will help a lot of Filipino women especially those who have less self-confidence and self-esteem talking or opening up discussion about the subject. She believe that medical breakthrough and technology are here to simplify and find solutions to people’s problems and inadequacies.

Cosmetic surgeries and enhancements like ‘pussykip’ will serve as a woman’s choice and alternative to help her decide on possible solutions for herself and her family. Given these alternatives, a woman can decide and handle relationship problems in a much easier and accessible way. Ai-Ai Delas Alas said the procedure was not painful and in fact ‘painless.’ She have already recommended the procedure to some of her closest friends.

Ai Ai Delas Alas

Ai-Ai was also thinking about having the procedure for the benefit of her future boyfriend whoever he maybe. Ai-Ai’s last publicized relationship with Jed Salang was cut quick and lasted only over a month.

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The Heart of Mai Evangelista

Mai Evangelista was a lady who loves to hold brushes and paint on canvas. Whereas Heart Evangelista was a multi-talented actress who loves acting and the cinema.

But both are artists respectively. Heart thought Mai was a better artist since she can capture her dreams and make them alive in all colors and hues suspended on paint canvases for everyone to see and experience. Mai wanted to be like the Mexican self-portraiture artist Frida Kahlo experimenting on self-portraits and started small yet grew big and famous like every great artists.

Heart Evangelista

Mai’s art pieces captures self-imagination in visual arts. But Mai and Heart was enveloped and encapsulated in the persona of Love Marie Ongpauco. And from May 9 until the 22nd of May, 2014 you can see, visit and welcome to own a piece of the Heart of Mai in the art exhibit entitled ‘I Am Love Marie’ at the Artist Space of Ayala Museum in Makati City.

You will find Heart and Mai Evangelista take control of the art in canvas and colors. The exhibit showcase the ‘other’ talent of Heart Evangelista aside from acting, hosting and singing. A quintessential person she was. Heart explores the media in oil and canvas – her other side. Included in the highlights of the exhibit were Mai’s version on paintings of Alessandra, Camille and various other women.

Heart Evangelista Painting

With the all-out support of boyfriend Senator Chiz Escudero, Heart Evangelista was overwhelmed joy and fulfillment as she opened her other talent and hobby publicly.


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Like Mother, Like Daughter

As Mother’s Day unfolds, it is noteworthy to remember that a few celebrity mothers in Philippine showbiz have raised a resemblance of themselves with their own celebrity daughter counterparts. Read on as we bring you Philippine showbiz’s top 5 mother and daughter tandem.

1- Susan Roces and daughter Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares

Susan Roces and Grace Poe Llamanzares

As one of the pillars of Philippine showbiz, Susan Roces aside from being the wife of another legend in the person of the late Fernando Poe, Jr. Susan was the proud mother of a highly respected elected senator of the land, Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares. Winning a landslide victory in the last senatorial election, Grace had made her father’s wish come true and become a lawmaker for the poor and serve the Filipino people in honor of her beloved father.

2- Nora Aunor and daughter Lotlot De Leon

Nora Aunor and Lotlot De Leon

Ate Guy as she was always known have several adopted children aside from having her own child courtesy of ex-husband Christopher De Leon. And one of these adopted children was now also a proud mother to her own brood. Lotlot de Leon was Ate Guy’s first adopted child. Lotlot now 43 have chosen to concentrate more on the needs of her family rather than fulfilling the call of show business which have been their family’s foreground ever since she was born.

3- Sharon Cuneta and daughter KC Concepcion

Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion

Perhaps one of the most successful mother and daughter tandem in Philippine showbiz, Sharon have raised KC not to follow her footstep as one of the brightest star in showbiz and honed KC in the path of finishing her education first before she embarked fully on her showbiz career. KC in her own right is currently carving her own name in Philippine cinema and television career. She tasted her first ‘best actress’ award in a controversial way but like her celebrity mom, KC seemed to tackle every controversy professionally.

4- Annabelle Rama and daughter Ruffa Gutierrez

Annabelle Rama And Ruffa Gutierrez

Perhaps the most controversial among the mother and daughter tandem in this issue. The very vocal Annabelle Rama, who was an actress of the early 70s produced beautiful offspring with actor husband Eddie Gutierrez. Tagged as very protective of her family’s welfare, Annabelle is always ready to battle it out whoever
lays any kind of harm to any of her family members especially her beauty queen daughter Ruffa who’s beauty conquered and graced not only the Filipino audience but international as well. Married and divorced to a Turkish business mogul, Ruffa now at 39 is mother to two young daughters Venice and Lorin.

5 – ZsaZsa Padilla and daughter Karylle

ZsaZsa Padilla and Karylle

ZsaZsa’s long commitment to her then partner Dolphy have sealed her first union with Karylle’sestranged father Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari and lived with Dolphy for 20 years and was at Dolphy’s death bed when he passed away in the year 2012. Karylle got recently married to Spongecola’s vocalist Yael Yuzon.


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These Gorgeous Celebrity Moms Still Rocks

In celebration of the traditional Mothers’ Day celebration, to these celebrity moms aging is but just a number. They were all above 30 years on ages yet they all still rock and gorgeous even with their growing kids and families keeping them busy around.

Carmina Villaroel

carmina villaroel

CarminaVillaroel at 38 can still have that yummy youthful look of a 25-year old woman with her knock out smiles and slender body. But Carmina is a proud mother of the 12 year old set of boy and girl twin Mavie and Cassie. Aside from being a mom, Carmina balances her life as wife to Zoren Legaspi, her career as TV host, model, endorser, actress and entrepreneur for her shoe styling business – Muñiz shoes.

Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos

Long gone were her acts as Mara in the blockbuster TV drama series ‘Mara Clara’ when she was just barely 10 years old. Now a watchful mom to Yohan and Lucho and wife to actor host Ryan Agoncillo. Judy Ann Santos now 35 has maintained a healthy bodily figure despite being chubby when she was still a kid.

Rhea Santos

Rhea Santos

The sweet captivating face of Rhea Santos will grace your everyday TV morning as you watch her in the GMA Channel 7 morning magazine show ‘UnangHirit.’ But such refreshing lovely face was already a mom at her age of 34 to a baby boy named Uno and Yuan. As GMA Network’s ace TV reporter, news anchor and host, Rhea was married to businessman Carlo De Guzman of the famed ‘Hotshots’ burger chain stalls.

Cheska Garcia-Kramer

Cheska Garcia Kramer

As a bubbly teener in the ‘Ang TV’ youth oriented show in 1996, Cheska Garcia shares limelight with brother Patrick. Now at 34, Cheska was a full time mom to Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin and loving wife to basketball rookie Doug Kramer. But despite her age and role, Cheska certainly still got the looks of a woman in her late twenties.

Lucy Torres-Gomez

Lucy Torres-Gomez

Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez was Ormoc’s prettiest representative to congress but she was first a doting mom to Juliana, her daughter and lone child to her husband actor matinee idol Richard Gomez. Lucy Torres is still gorgeous at age 39.

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Ruffa Mae Quinto Stripped Off Her Fake Boobies!

Most women will envy sexy Ruffa Mae Quinto for being so blessed with a very endowing breasts. But girls, you should thank God and you are all lucky not to be on Ruffa Mae’s boobies! Ruffa Mae was said to be enduring pains on her left boobs for almost 2 years now.

She thought it was just a simple back pain and fatigue of carrying heavy bag on her left shoulder. But it seems not. This led the sexy comedienne actress to have her breasts examined by a medical expert. And true enough there was a big lump that were diagnosed as a cystic mass seen when the MRI scan result came. This prompted Ruffa to think more about her safety. Her physician advised her to get rid of her fake boobies.

Ruffa Mae Quinto

Ruffa Mae’s breasts were enhanced with silicone implants making her boobies look like those of the cartoon sexy icon Betty Boop. But it seems Betty Boop wins being the top slot on having the most endowed breasts now that her Philippine showbiz celebrity rival, Ruffa Mae Quinto have been stripped off a portion of her boobies. In her Instagram account a couple of days ago, Ruffa posted a series of notes and photos telling about her ordeal and her enhanced asset – her breasts.

Ruffa Mae Quinto

But noting them now they are all natural without the silicone implants. During the biopsy, Ruffa Mae Quinto was fervently praying for a positive result. And God answers and hear her plea. The lumps found were benign. She was just so thankful her fake boobs did not compromise her health and safety. She then took the initiative on putting photos of her breasts to make her followers know how she has gone through her ordeal. And hope everyone finds lessons on her posts and that she survived the ordeal successfully.

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What do Elizabeth Oropesa and Richard Gere Have in Common?

Well aside from being of them actors in their own right, Richard Gere and Elizabeth Oropesa share something in common. The two have acted to play a role which led other people to reveal their good Samaritan sides.

See how people on the street come to aid Elizabeth Oropesa when her fish wares were shambled and bumped scattering all the fishes around a street gutter. Passers-by rushed to her aid without knowing that they were helping out an actress acting out a role given to her on the TV magazine series “Wish ko Lang” on GM-7.

Watch snippet of the act and Ms. Oropesa’s reaction on an interview rendered by the TV program HERE.

In almost the same instant, Richard Gere was also assigned to act like a ‘street bum’ scouring food grabs on Manhattan’s street garbage cans and was equally offered the goodness and graciousness of street people who took pity on him offered him clean food without even knowing that the supposedly ‘bum’ was a famous actor only acting out a shooting scene from a script of a film.

Elizabeth Oropesa

Both was interviewed with overwhelming feelings of gracious people who have come to their aid and help them out on instinct as good street Samaritans. Richard Gere and Elizabeth Oropesa maybe famous actors and celebrities but they have proven to themselves that good Samaritans and kind hearted people are still very much around, reminding and rekindling that most people by nature still have that innate trait of kindness and humility.

From the affluent city of New York to Manila the city of a third world country in the Far East, kindness and humility knows no creed, no race nor social stature. And that no matter how small or meek, kindness is never, never wasted but instead ripples and radiates to inspire people from all walks of life.

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Monica Lewinsky: America’s Almost First Lady

Monica Lewinsky. Does the name ring a bell? You are definitely right! She is none other than the Monica Lewinsky US citizens have been gossiping some decades ago. She was Hillary Clinton’s greatest rival to former US President Bill Clinton. The lady in blue behind Bill. Now 40 years old, Monica surfaced from the vicious eyes of White House media buzzers when she wrote and did an article in the May 8, 2014 issue of the famed social magazine ‘Vanity Fair.’

Monica Lewinsky

“It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress,” she wrote.

She’s definitely back and chit chatting about her affair with Bill Clinton. She regretfully claimed what really happened to her and the former US President. It seem she is confidently prepared for whatever outcome it will take her speaking about and sticking her head above the parapet.

Bill Clinton

She said she wanted to give purpose to her past no matter the cost may be. Monica said maintaining such relationship then was between her and Bill as two consenting adults. She revealed that it was the scandal that pivoted a turning point in her life. It was a given fact that took toll on Lewinski for quite a time. Both the Clinton Administration and the media have powerfully struck its brand on her. It was the public humiliation that permanently altered her life’s direction. And plummeting back to reality pains more. On picking what Hillary Clinton brand her as a “narcissistic loony toon,” Monica Lewinsky on her part countered by telling Hillary as being “emotionally neglectful.”

Hillary Clinton

She claimed had it not for the shadow of the scandal she would have earned $10 million from those various job offers she turned down as a consequence of a scandalous affair. Monica Lewinsky got her master’s degree when she moved to London to earn her master’s degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics.

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

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Deniece Cornejo Behind Bars!

At 4:00 pm yesterday, Monday, May 5, 2014, Deniece Cornejo surrendered at Camp Crame in Quezon City. She was escorted by her grand uncle and former GMA-7 executive Rod Cornejo and one of her legal counsel Atty. Coney Aquino.

Wearing a black polo shirt, jeans and sporting and a blue cap Deneice wore flat shoes. Deneice was handcuffed but she blanketed her handcuff with a green bandana to conceal it from media and people present in the vicinity. She was brought to the office of PNP Chief Alan Purisima to discuss her surrender. Purisima on his part noted that she will be treated fairly.

Deniece Cornejo

Deniece Cornejo was temporarily detained in a shared cell at CIDG’s Anti-Transnational Crime Unit. She was scheduled to be brought to the Taguig Regional Trial Court on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. It was learned thru Atty. Coney Aquino, one of Cornejo’s legal counsel that they will file a petition for bail for the lack of evidence against Cornejo.

In a news footage by 24 Oras, Deniece was seen leading a prayer with her family and was interviewed saying, “Alam ko po na sa lahat ng pagsubok ay meron kayong mensahe para sa bawat isa. Maraming salamat po at wala akong pinagsisisihan sa aking pinagdadaanan.”

In another interview by GMA News ’24 Oras,’ Deniece Cornejo reveals that she stayed from places to places outside Metro Manila before her decision to surrender. Cornejo’s grandfather, Axel Gonzales said it was a family decision that urge Cornejo to surrender.

Deniece Cornejo

Cornejo on her part said she did not plan to hide too long adding that her movement from place to place was due to the alleged threat she and her family had been receiving. Last month, her alleged cohorts Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz were arrested in Eastern Samar after a pursuit operation by NBI agents.

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A Beautiful Sunset Wedding for Jericho Rosales & Kim Jones

Last Thursday, May 01, 2014, in his Instagram account, Jericho Rosales posted the most significant post in his life and he quoted the Bible phrase Psalm 118: 24 that reads: ‘This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.’ His overwhelming joy was expressed in a biblical phrase that captures the idea of the setting for Echo and Kim’s sunset wedding in Boracay.

Friends, fans, media and family witnessed the beautiful event. Another showbiz eligible bachelor finally tied the knot and pursue on his journey to familyhood. Jericho or “Echo” married his British-Filipina TV host model fiancée Kim Jones. The couple’s friend Iya Villania also posted on her Instagram account a photo with Gary Valenciano rehearsing on the site of the wedding beach venue.

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

In the event, Echo wore a Francis Libiran sand colored suit. The venue was adorned and canopied with transparent peach colored linings to enhance the sunset setting background. A huge surfboard with the inscription: “JK 05-01-14 their forever and ever love begins here”greeted the wedding guests. Also present were Gab Valenciano and Coney Reyes to witness the event. But the couple’s honeymoon will be put on hold since Kim was committed to finish taping for the TV series ‘The Legal Wife’ on ABS-CBN.

The wedding theme which was set to beach and surfing for which Echo’s indulgence and passion for water sports are very much on the wedding scene. The two have met each other on a group dinner organized by Echo’s friend, Dominic Ochoa. Jericho Rosales courted Kim Jones for 2 months and eight months after, they are now Mr. & Mrs. Rosales publicly.

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

Jericho and Kim knows marriage has many challenges but they were prepared since God was at the center of their marriage.


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Alex Gonzaga Turned Down Suitor Ryan Bang

Working together have mesmerized Ryan Bang on Alex Gonzaga and created a spark that led him to pursue his feelings for the 26-year old comedienne and younger sister to versatile TV host Toni Gonzaga.

Alex confirmed in an interview that Ryan Bang was indeed wooing her but not formally courting her totally. And although Ryan finds time to give her favors Alex was candid in telling Ryan that he was just like a brother to her and that her heart was closed and not for him but she told Ryan she can only offer friendship. The two are regulars of the late night gag show ‘Banana Nite’ on ABS-CBN. Alex believed Ryan Bang got closer to her because of her being funny on and off the camera.

Alex Gonzaga and Ryan Bang

Alex Gonzaga said Ryan Bang is not really that ardent type of suitor. Alex mentioned that everytime Ryan comes close to her and told him, “Feeling ko nanliligaw ka nagpapa cute ka.” Ryan’s defensive remark was, “Feeling mo, ang kapal ng mukha mo.”

Alex also clarified that her Ate Toni her elder sister, Toni Gonzaga is not mad at Ryan further telling, Toni was a protective sister but things are okay between her and Ryan since both of them are working together of the weekend program ‘Home Sweetie Home’ also an ABS-CBN that star billed John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga.

Alex Gonzaga in a final quip clarified that she is not really ready with any serious relationship and likes to instead focus on her acting career. Alex was recently named as one of the 18 housemates included in the current series of the Pinoy Big Brother scripted edition series that started airing its 100 days stay inside Big Brother’s house telecast on ABS-CBN primetime edition series.


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